New player in California politics

Many have tried before, but not many succeeded to climb all the ladders and overcome all the obstacles in the arena of political life in California, one of the fiercest battlegrounds in all of USA. As one of the richest and most populated states, California is one of the few, most important states of not only political, but economic and social influence. Therefore, to be able to run a state like California represents a jewel in any politicians CV.

Ruben Dominguez, a grandson of Mexican immigrants who came to seek fortune in the north of California almost 50 years ago, is now a candidate for the greatly sought after position of governor of California, as leader of a new player on the Californian political playground: a party he founded called the LP Wolfpack (you can click here to book a free presentation).

As Ruben explains, he came up with the name as a consequence of his childhood fascination with wolves, and LP in the name stands for „Lobo poderoso“ meaning „powerful wolf“. He likes to say this also reminds him of his grandfather Juan, who he always saw as a strong, powerful man. LP Wolfpack is now a growing political entity which can count not only on the support of the Latino community, but on the voters of other ethnicities.

The support the Wolfpack can count on grows constantly and Mr. Dominguez is setting his eye on the governor position.

Ruben explains that politics was not his main motivation when he was a younger man. After college, he where he saw the opportunities life can present, but also the hardships people have to go through every day, he decided to leave a career in law for a tumultuous career in politics. But, he wanted to bring a change and offer his community something else, something new.

That is why he wanted his own political party, where he could make his ideas grow and where he can encircle himself with people of like minds and lots of positive energy. Today, he has a strong minority support, good foundations for a growing new idea and he can, in a few years’ time, present a competitor which could have the potential to get in the race, usher out the two main players in the game, and, finally, run the state of California.

His ideas grow from his childhood: community, solidarity, hard work, family, and a strong sense of individuality and progressiveness at the same time. He wants to give people a chance to stand out and develop themselves, to unleash their potential, but, at the same time, he is aware that families are what produces these people and which have to be protected. That is why he can attract voters from both sides of the political spectrum and work his way to more support.

In the end, it remains to be seen how will this new party develop and where will Mr. Dominguez’s idea of a new California be in a few years’ time, but you can be sure that there is a new wind blowing in the valleys of northern California which brings a long awaited change.