Donald Trump – next president?

If America’s presidential elections were held few days earlier, the controversial billionaire Donald Trump would have won to former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton with 47 percent of the vote to 44 percent, according to a survey of television Fox News.

As reported by the American media, since early December, billionaire, who has been prone to outbursts, continued to shock the American public, and demanded to ban the entry of Muslims in the United States, and Hillary was accused of covering up the sexual adventures of her husband and former US President Bill Clinton. And when he was attacked by Democrats and Republicans, whose nomination for presidential candidacy he intends to win, his popularity among the people just grew.

Otherwise, as the study showed, Hillary Clinton at this point has to, besides very popular billionaire, carries out with a negative attitude that most of the population has towards current President Barack Obama. Support to the first black leader of the United States fell on a record 42 percent, and even 53 percent of people think that he’s doing his job poorly. People do not agree with his attitude towards the health system, as well as with actions against the Islamic state. Also, the majority of them believe that Obama will be remembered for his failures and setbacks, and not by successful moves.

However, Hilary, who was in the role of the First Lady of the USA, but also the State Secretary, has left a bad impression on voters, and even 62 percent of people think that she’s lying whenever she speaks. The first voting for the party nomination begin in a month.

Judging by the polls, the controversial billionaire and Republican candidate Donald Trump, has a chance to become the next president SAD.Tramp is becoming increasingly popular in America, not so much because of his positions, but primarily due to the fact that it is not just another politician in Washington. It is honored because he does not give up and does not apologize for his harsh statements for which it has been constantly criticized. The power and leadership are what people see in Trump’s strength and leadership, which has become unusual for a political candidate, and that is the formula to which voters react.

When Trump announced that he will run for president, most serious people characterized this as a bad joke, but in the meantime he became a mortal enemy for the American political establishment. The media was issued an order to “set up Trump”, with a focus on the fact that he is being a nightmare from which the Americans must quickly woke up, and Tramp is portrayed as in the media tycoon and reality TV insane lunatic who hates women and migrants, calls for the seizure of oil from other countries, seeking a ban on the entry of Muslims in the United States and the deportation of ” Mexicanrapist ”

But, regardless of the daily media attacks, and this media war who is conducted against Trump, survey results tell a different story. Tramp significantly left behind its Republican rivals, according to a poll conducted by CNN and ORC, Trump leads among Republicans with 39 percent of support.